I teach piano and guitar (as well as other instruments) to students of any age. My youngest student is 4 and my oldest student is 77. My private teaching studio is not far from Plymouth City Centre in St. Judes, at 53 Salisbury Road, Plymouth PL4 8QX, UK. For a single student, I charge £25 for a full hour, £20 for 45min, £15 for half an hour, and £10 for 15min (for very young children). For a group lesson (more than 1 person), I charge £30 per hour.

Email: Michael.Q.Klein@gmail.com

Phone: 0741 2133687

I am very versatile in training and experience, which allows me to adapt to students’ desires and natural abilities, from classical piano, to over rock/pop keyboard to jazz improvisations. My goal is to guide the students in discovering their own musical expression and to help them develop their creativity.

Children, for example,  tend to be naturally creative and music is a wonderful medium to explore this creativity. Unfortunately, most music teaching focuses on sight-reading and reproducing music, instead of allowing people to give into their creative urges.

Teenagers and young adults like express themselves through pop, rock, blues, jazz, reggae, etc., which I am happy to teach. However, once the love for making music is awoken, I have not met anyone, who is not touched by the lyrical magic of Chopin. No music is intrinsically better than other music. It is important for the student to learn that they can express their inner feelings with the piano.

Adults can still learn the piano, no matter how old they are, or build on skills they learned as kids. Contrary to widespread believes, there is no age limit for learning the piano. Furthermore, studying a musical instrument has been shown to delay the onset of dementia. I use the piano and other instrument to train memory and other cognitive skills to prevent the onset of dementia, or to slow down its progress.

Many pianists get injured because they have the wrong technique. Having dealt with a finger injury myself, I had to look very deeply at good piano playing techniques. This has given be a in-depth knowledge of easy and healthy whole-body piano technique. Hence, I teach piano technique that will allow you to stay injury-free. If you are injured already I can coach you in re-learning piano technique that will make play without straining you hands and fingers.

I prepare for ABRSM jazz and classical piano. I also teach music theory, composition, and improvisation.

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