Express yourself

Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Voice, and Music Theory

Every time you play a tune, you put a bit of yourself in there, but being able to write your own songs and compositions, and to improvise freely or over a harmonic progression is creative musical self expression on another level.

Many musicians shy away from music theory, because they associate it with complicated music notation. In fact, music theory can be taught in a very natural and applied manner without using any complicated music notation. It can open up a new realm of creative possibilities.

If you are songwriter and you would like to have more chords at your disposal or you would like to understand more interesting harmonic movements, or scales to use for your melodies, the School of Creative Music is the place where you can learn the skills you need.  Also, as a beginner who struggles writing lyrics or setting them to music, the school can give you the tools you need.

Here, you can also learn how to compose instrumental piano music, film music, or arrange for a band, choir or an ensemble. You can learn to read sheet music fluently and write down your own compositions. 

You can also learn or improve your knowledge of jazz chord voicings and how to improvise or how to make your improvisations more interesting.

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