Free Improvisation

on the piano

My hands while I was playing "Grown-ups"

 New Online Course:   


Level: Beginner

Duration: 6 lessons of 90min

Start date: Sat. 13th of January

Time:  Saturday, 1:30pm UK time (GMT)

(If you are interested in the course, but you can’t make the time, please send a message – depending on interest, I might provide an additional course at a different time).

Cost:  £ 135.-  (early bird, before Dec 23rd)

            £ 160.-  (after Dec 23rd)

(The course includes a number of free video lessons as well as handouts that will be emailed to you.)


Would you like to express yourself freely on the piano? 

The current perception of improvisation is that it’s very complicated and one needs to be very good before you can start to improvise on the piano. Even worse, many people believe you need a talent for improvisation. 

In the course, I will show you that everyone can improvise on the piano right from the start, and that there is little that is more fun than improvising on the piano. We will learn some music theory, but in a fun and very applied way. 


For more information please  contact me here.

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