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I teach private music lessons at my teaching studio in St. Judes, Plymouth (close from the city centre) and at Marine Academy Plymouth Primary School. I teach children from the age of 4. I charge £15 per hour. I teach piano, guitar, singing, and other instruments. I am DBS checked.  Here is what other parents say about me.

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How Much do lessons cost?

For a single student, I charge £25 for a full hour, £20 for 45min, £15 for half an hour, and £10 for 15min (for very young children). For a group lesson (more than 1 person), I charge £30 per hour.

Where do you Teach?

My private teaching studio is not far from Plymouth City Centre in St. Judes. I will provide you with my address upon your booking enquiry.

Can you teach at my home?

Yes, if you live reasonably close and i there is a compensation for my travel time and costs.

Can I buy a lesson as a gift?

Of course! Register your interest today and I will gladly be able to assist.


Bank transfer or cash is both fine.

DO you offer bulk discounts?

No. Everything I sell is priced at its best price. I believe that by offering deals, it suggests that a product is almost never sold at its true value.

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