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Children are creative. They need to express themselves. Music can provide a wonderful medium for creative expression.

Children’s understanding of music as a means of self-expression can be destroyed if they are taught music by only having them mechanically replicate written music, or teaching them pieces they cannot relate to. This would be like teaching children to speak by only allowing them to say things they can read in a book and using one and the same book for all of them.

In the School of Creative Music, children are treated as individuals. Their specific interests and abilities are taken into account. While some learn to sight-read Bach, others learn film music by ear or learn to sing pop songs while accompanying themselves on the piano. They learn good playing technique and music theory as a means of expression. In addition, all children are encouraged to create, compose, and improvise from the very beginning of their musical training. 

In the School of Creative Music, you will find an experienced, patient, and passionate music teacher for your child. The school is located in St. Judes, Plymouth (close to the city centre). The main instruments I teach are piano, guitar, and voice. Children from the age of 4 are welcome here. I am DBS checked. 

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