How to set up for your online lesson

Prepare in Advance: 

Please make sure that you prepare for the online lesson before the start of the lesson, so the lesson can start in time.


Avoid Background Noise:

Make sure the room is quiet. In particular, nobody else should be talking in the background. Most online communication platforms are specifically designed to pick up voices and I will no longer be able to hear details of the student playing. If you live next to a street or playground, please close the window. Other people are very welcome to stay in the room, observe or engage in their own quiet activities. 


Avoid Glares:

Make sure that the main source of light is not behind the piano or students face, but make sure that the light falls on the student and the instrument from approximately the same direction as the camera. Otherwise all I see is glare and shadows. 


Camera Position for Piano/Keyboard:

Please place your laptop or webcam to either side of the piano/keyboard, at a height and distance that allows the camera to pick up both the face of the student, as well as most of the central keys. Do not place the camera behind or in front of the keyboard. 


Camera Position for Guitar: 

Please place your laptop or webcam so that it faces the student and the guitar at a height and distance that allows the camera to pick up the face of the student, as well as the complete lengths of all the strings of the guitar. That allows me to see all relevant hand actions.  


Fix the Camera Position:

Find a way of fixing the camera in that position. Do not have a third person hold the camera in their hand. A shaking camera is not helping me as a teacher and the students will have a harder time relaxing when they are constantly reminded that they are being filmed.

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